Standard product Range - Hydraulic Winches for recovery and industrial applications

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    Planetary Gear Winches

Spur Gear Winches

Worm Gear Winches
Max. Line Pull (tonnes)


Max. Line Pull (tonnes)


Max. Line Pull (tonnes)


3.8 H38P 30.0 H300G 4.0 H40W
5.0 H50PE 35.0 H350G 4.0 H40W
6.0 H60P   7.0 H70W
6.0 H60PX 7.0 H70W
7.0 H70P

Download General Winch Manual Here (PDF)

7.0 H70PX
7.0 H70PS
10.0 H100P
10.0 H100PS
10.0 H100PF
10.0 H100PX
12.0 H120PF-061
12.0 H120PF-068
15.0 H150PF
15.0 H150PX
20.0 H200P-048
20.0 H200P-051
20.0 H200PX
24.0 H240P-050
24.0 H240P-052
40.0 H400P
40.0 H400PX

Sepson reserves the right to change the specifications to any products described herein without prior notice