SEPSON is market leader in hydraulic winches for vehicle mounting as well as specialized applications where reliability is of major importance. Applications include Recovery Vehicles, Military Vehicles, Mining and Industrial.
Sepson winches have line pulls between 3 - 35 tons. Click on the winch on the left to check the products out or visit the Swedish manufacturer Sepson AB of Vansbro, Sweden. Sepson AB have manufactured winches since 1900.
Scandinavian Sawmilling Equipment Through our long standing connections in the Scandinavian Timber Industy, Sepson can source the best possible equipment for your needs. Some equipment is stocked by our suppliers in Sweden, other equipment is still being used and offered for sale on behalf of the sawmills.


Send us an email - Sepson is pleased to source the best available machinery for your needs.

High quality used and reconditioned sawmilling machinery
Circular Saw Blades   Sepson (Aust) Pty Ltd is in partnership with the two leading Swedish manufacturers of circular sawblades: Westlings Industri AB and Swedex AB.

Both of these companies manufacture top class quality blades from the best Swedish and German saw blade steel at very competitive prices due to their efficient high-tech manufacturing process.
Sepson is therefore in a unique position in being able to supply blades for most applications.





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